Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jaime Nack's speech

Jaime Nack made quite a good speech the other day. She is the president of Three Squares Inc. and was contracted as Director of Sustainability and Greening Operations for the 2008 Democratic National Convention held in Denver.
Jaime basically highlighted many of their goals to make their endeavor a success. Some of their goals were:
- To have the most sustainably produced political convention in modern American history.
- To educate the public.
- Legacy for the city of Denver.

and many more. Jaime also talked about the focus areas of the DNCC. For example, in the DNCC offices, energy efficient computers were used or even better, laptops were encouraged. Single stream recycling system was used. A 3 stream system was used in which bins were clearly labelled as 'recycle', 'compost' and 'landfill' so people would know exactly where to throw what. The janitorial and kitchen staff was also educated on the various aspects of thier sustainibility efforts. Bio diesel was used for transportation and the workers were encouraged to walk to their offices. High efficiency lighting system was used by the use of renewable energy. These are just some of the pointers of the many aspects of Jaime's program.

Overall, I think that it is a good way to bring down the energy costs and save our enviroment when to comes to especially big events like the DNC that attracts a huge crowd. When a huge crowd is concerned, other factors such as our precious resources are overlooked and overused. Thus, having a sustainibility program makes sure that large events don't create a hole in the ozone layer! We have huge needs now and will have more later on. Thus the earth needs to be used efficiently for it to last long!

The talk was pretty useful because there were a large attendance at the speech. Staff, students and other officers were present. Any start is a start and a college is a great way to spread awareness of how green events can be planned so that students take the initiative to keep the earth in mind while planning events, specialize in the field so they can do more as a part of their career and spread the word even farther.

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  1. Thanks for attending this. I'm hoping that efforts on campus continue in this green vein. I was disappointed that for various reasons the new social science building (by the old tennis courts) won't be LEES certified (green). I think the University should take a proactive role in being a leader in green and sustainable practices, including the practices of its vendors like Sodexho.